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Application of niobium carbide powder

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Niobium carbide(NbC)is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material used in commercial tool drills such as cutting tools. It is usually sintered and is often used as an additive for sintering cemented carbide, which has high corrosion resistance. Niobium carbide is a product with extremely low solubility in austenite, the lowest of all incompatible metals, and is usually a by-product of the production of microalloyed steel. This means that micron-sized niobium carbide deposits are almost insoluble in steel at any processing temperature. The micro-alloyed steel base stone has great benefits, and the uniform particle size ensures its toughness and strength. The only frequently occurring compound with low solubility, so titanium nitride has the potential to limit the growth of steel particles. Niobium also has many medical research applications. Niobium can also be cast into alloys to produce arc welded rods and corrosion-resistant steel. Its CAS number is 12069-94-2. Depending on the particle size, the niobium alloy can be sintered in air at 200-800°C. Niobium carbide can be deposited by chemical vapor deposition. Pickaxe alloys and niobium carbides can be used as refractory coatings in nuclear reactors.

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