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Advanced Technology Of NSK Bearings

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-23

In the bearing environment, "heavy load + impact load", "light load" load + high speed rotation", "heavy load + low speed rotation" and other very harsh conditions.
Therefore, in order to meet these needs of users, NSK has always combined its core technology, namely material technology, lubrication technology, analysis technology and the most advanced technology, so as to meet the needs of users.
Advanced bearing design technology and committed to related research and development. As a result, we have achieved our goal of providing products that far exceed the "long life and high limit speed" level of conventional bearings, and have contributed to improving production efficiency and reducing maintenance costs at mining sites in harsh environments. In addition, NSK also provides new solutions that meet environmental requirements.
The effect of lubricating oil on bearings
The first is the speed of movement: the higher the speed, the easier it is to form an oil wedge. Low-viscosity lubricating oil can be used to ensure the existence of the oil film. If the viscosity is too high, the impedance will be large, the heat will be large, and the temperature will be too high. When the running speed is slow, the viscosity of the oil is used to carry the load, and the lubricating oil with higher viscosity should be selected.
The "Five Sets" and "Three Filters" of equipment lubrication work are an effective way to standardize and standardize daily lubrication technology management and ensure that equipment lubrication is done well. Its content is: Five Dings:
Personnel: The work of the workers must be determined. The lubricating workers shall be responsible for the division of oil, oil, and cleaning of the lubricated parts of the equipment, and jointly complete the lubrication of the equipment.

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