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Long Life Of KOYO Bearings

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-23

"Stable operation and improved production efficiency" can be said to be the proposition of the representative industry in the field of metallurgical equipment. KOYO aims at this proposition.
It not only promotes the development of bearing design technology, but also starts from the development of bearing material technology, lubrication technology, analysis technology and other inherent angles, and promotes corresponding measures and research and development work every day. Therefore, KOYO is committed to long-term solutions to "bearing "Long life and high reliability" is a permanent issue.
Powerful bearing series, suitable for various metallurgical equipment, product range from ISO standard bearings to uniquely developed high-performance bearings. We have also taken measures to provide new solutions to the metallurgical industry's demand for high value-added products and environmentally friendly products.
Be sure to install the side with the specification label on the bearing on the visible side to facilitate subsequent inspection and replacement. When assembling, the bearing should be close to the shaft shoulder.
 The clearance between the tapered roller bearing and the radial thrust bearing and the shaft shoulder should not be greater than 0.05mm, and other bearings should not be greater than 0.1mm. The bearing cap and retaining ring must be evenly and evenly attached to the end face of the bearing, and adjust the gap according to the regulations; when the bearing is installed on the shaft, do not directly hit the outer ring of the bearing with a hand hammer.
Use auxiliary tools to make the force act on the outer ring, So the bearing is easy to install, and will not damage the rolling bearing and raceway. When using the hot fitting method, the temperature should not exceed 100 degrees Celsius, and the bearing should not be in contact with the hot oil tank seat to avoid local overheating and annealing.

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