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Preload Of NTN Bearing

wallpapers Industry 2020-12-23

The pre-tightening force of the NTN bearing is carried out at room temperature, but under working conditions, the pre-tightening force of the drive shaft and the bearing caused by the micro-stretching temperature rise of the system will change. Therefore, this should be considered when setting the preload.
It requires capacity, speed and other conditions to set a reasonable bearing preload to ensure the service life of the gearbox. If the pre-tensioning force is too large, the power consumption will increase and even cause overheating. If the preload is too small, the body load, shaft rolling and the gap between the outer ring will cause runout, reduce transmission accuracy, increase noise, affect gear meshing, and severely damage teeth and bearings.
According to different NTN bearing components, for example, the bearing pre-tightening nut axially compresses the bearing inner ring, the inner ring and the outer ring rotate directly to eliminate the gap and achieve the purpose of bearing pre-tightening force. At present, the commonly used implementation method: First, far exceed the pre-installed bearing, screw the nut to the end, and then turn it back 1/4 turn. Assembly method, the advantages of this method are low investment, simplicity, practicality and stable quality of tapered roller bearings can use.
Rolling bearings are precision components, and the correct assembly steps are extremely important. During installation, all parts must be carefully checked, the movement clearance of it must be adjusted, and the assembly must be carried out as required. The assembly methods of rolling bearings include the driving method, the pressing method and the hot mounting method. Choosing a suitable installation method is the first step. Otherwise, an inappropriate method will not only damage the rolling bearing, but even affect its normal operation and cause personal safety accidents.

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