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wallpapers News 2021-06-17
TIMKEN is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality bearings, alloy steel and related parts and accessories. No matter where in the world, as long as there is equipment operation and power transmission, you can see TIMKEN's technology and products. TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types and 26,000 tapered roller bearings of different specifications, which are widely used in countries all over the world.
TIMKEN bearing products and services: aviation components, aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul, alloy steel bars and tubes, bearings, bearing components and related parts, condition monitoring systems and services, encoders and sensors, engineering and technical services, lubricants and Lubricators, helicopter transmission systems and rotor components, precision steel parts, aviation, industrial, and railway bearings, bearing seats and Yakun repair and remanufacturing, sealing products, training, etc.
Bearing type
TIMKEN bearing types include angular contact ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, fuel economy bearings, thrust bearings, needle roller bearings, support bearings/cams, sliding bearings Wait.
TIMKEN ultra-precision ball bearings are designed to meet the high-speed, precision and hardness requirements of high-demand machine tools. These bearings can be produced with a supply difference of ABEC-7 to ABEC-9, the highest precision standard recognized by the ball bearing industry.
Most super-precision ball bearings have a contact angle of 15° to 25° to accommodate different radial and axial load combinations. Special groove treatment and ball bearing design can obtain the highest possible working speed.
Hybrid ceramic bearings can be equipped with steel ceramic and ceramic balls to meet the needs of high-speed and other demanding applications.
The ball screw support bearing is supplied as a complete set, with a 60° contact angle and maximum ball compensation, which is suitable for the high load and axial hardness requirements of most precision tool positioning.
For the width tolerance, roundness, perpendicularity, taper, axial runout and radial runout of the inner and outer rings of precision bearings, it also adds parameters that are not defined by ISO/ABEC, including preload tolerances and functional tests. Traceability & micron code, cleanliness, raceway curvature, ball grade and roundness, surface processing (functional & non-functional surface), steel specifications, cage trim and design and installation chamfering, etc. The definition of these parameters improves the quality of Timken's precision angular contact ball bearing products, thereby improving the performance of machine tool spindles.
TIMKEN bearing grease lubrication:
The republication of TIMKEN bearings is best implemented during the planned equipment shutdown period and regularly replenished. At the same time, the old grease is removed, or the old grease is squeezed out through the oil drain hole.
Before adding fresh grease, the grease nozzle should be wiped clean. If the bearing box does not have a grease nozzle, the bearing box cover or end cover should be opened to take out the old grease. After cleaning, add fresh grease of the same model.
2. TIMKEN bearing lubricating oil:
Regularly check the oil level and quality of the lubricating oil. Generally, the normal oil level should be within the range of 1/3-2/3 of the equipment oil level window or mark.
The oil replenishment method is an oil cup, and the displayed oil level only represents the oil replenishment capacity, while the oil level of the bearing box meets the operating requirements. When the oil level in the oil cup is less than 1/4 of its total volume, you can consider replenishing oil.
Inspection and replenishment methods, take out a small amount of lubricating oil as a sample and compare with fresh lubricating oil, capable units may consider conducting an oil quality test to ensure that the oil quality is qualified.
If the sample of TIMKEN bearing looks like a cloud, it may be the result of mixing with water, which is the oil emulsification that everyone often says. At this time, the lubricating oil should be replaced.
TIMKEN bearing supplier
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