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What Are The Characteristics Of The High-Temperature Bearings Material Of The Engine

wallpapers News 2020-04-17

An aircraft engine is one of the most critical components of a combat aircraft. It is determined whether the overall strength of a combat aircraft is powerful, especially the performance index of the engine is one of the key technical indicators. Under the necessary conditions for a powerful engine, a fighter aircraft can make full use of its superiority in other fields such as avionics systems and firepower; otherwise, because the basis of the engine performance index is weak, the aircraft is equal to competition in competition The opponent is much shorter.

In the more complicated engine structure, the engine bearings is the most critical and core structure in this structure. It can be said that the overall structure of the engine is all driven by the bearing; therefore, the bearing is a "brain" that depends on the engine performance index. The processing technology of its production is the most particular; from the appearance, it can be seen that the bearing is just a typical "big iron rod"; obviously, this "big iron rod" has huge technical details; For example, the construction of compressive strength, load working capacity and transmission system working efficiency.

Among these many performance indicators, temperature resistance is the top priority of the engine. If the bearing of a driver cannot withstand the high temperature generated by the intense friction under high-speed operation, then the strong load working capacity and lubricity are all versatile. Among the Russian engines, precision casting is used in Russia, and welding is used in the United States. China's dependence on materials science and structural mechanics has not yet overcome the problem of temperature resistance.

In general, to have a powerful engine, there are a lot of necessary conditions. Strong materials science, precise and rigorous production and processing technology, and developed structural mechanics are indispensable.

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