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What Is The Use Of Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum Alloy?

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CoNiCrMo alloy is one of the potential forging cobalt-based alloys, originally called MP35N. When under stress, it can have high corrosion resistance in seawater (containing chloride ions). Cold working can increase the strength of the alloy, but cold working has It is quite difficult, especially for large devices, such as hip shanks, only hot forging is more suitable.
The wear resistance of forged CoNiCrMo alloy is similar to that of cast CoCrMo alloy. It has the advantages of good fatigue resistance and high tensile strength. Therefore, it is suitable for applications that require a long life without fracture or stress fatigue, such as hip joints. Artificial joints, this advantage is very important for the difficult and expensive operation of burying the implant deep into the femoral bone marrow duct.

The modulus of elasticity of cobalt-based alloys does not change with the maximum tensile strength. Its value is in the range of 220 to 234 GPa, which is higher than other materials such as stainless steel.
CoCrMo alloy is particularly susceptible to work hardening, so the same manufacturing process as other metals cannot be used, but vacuum precision casting is required. Controlling the mold temperature can control the crystal grain size of the casting. The formation of coarse crystal grains at higher temperatures will reduce the strength, but will also precipitate farther and larger carbides to reduce the brittleness of the material.

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