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Modification of activated alumina

wallpapers Products 2020-08-18
To overcome a series of problems such as high-temperature sintering of alumina, decrease in the specific surface area caused by phase change, and destruction of pore structure, scholars from various countries, have researched the modification of the thermal stability of alumina. The main methods used are: improving the preparation process and adding Additives and generate new substances. Improving the preparation process can improve the structure and morphology of alumina particles and reduce the loss of specific surface; adding additives can inhibit the sintering of the particles, stabilize the crystal structure of alumina, and increase the phase transition temperature; the generation of new substances means that the alumina A new high-temperature stable material with a particular specific surface area can be generated on it to improve the stability of alumina.
At present, the primary research is to improve the high-temperature thermal stability of γ-Al2O3 by adding additives. After years of practice, the additives used as modified alumina fall into five categories: rare earth elements, alkaline earth elements, transition metals, silica, and other oxides. Nowadays, rare earth La, Ce, and alkaline earth metal Ba are used to modify alumina at home and abroad to improve activated alumina stability.

With the increasing development of the chemical industry and increasing attention to environmental protection, the market demand for γ-Al2O3 is rising, and higher requirements are put forward for the γ-Al2O3 carrier's performance. The preparation method is closely related to performance. At present, the low-cost, green, and environmentally friendly carbonization method for producing γ-Al2O3 carrier technology has gradually become popular, and the sol-gel process is also becoming a new research hotspot in the field of carrier preparation. On the other hand, the development of γ-Al2O3 carriers with large specific surface area, suitable pore size distribution, and excellent thermal stability and hydration resistance will also attract more and more attention.

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