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How to store bearings scientifically


Imported bearings are a kind of precision mechanical objects, and the transportation is far away. The storage and storage requirements for bearings are very strict. The temperature and relative humidity of the storage room must be controlled to prevent too much temperature change (but the seasonal temperature change has little impact). So no matter the temperature, humidity, and packaging are in accordance with the requirements of the specification. So how is scientific storage of bearings?

How to store bearings scientifically

1. Storage room requirements

(1) Clean and dry

(2) Prevent air flow

(3) If the relative temperature of the storage room is greater than 75%, air conditioning is recommended.

(4) to prevent vibration

(5) Keep the temperature constant (48 hours of temperature change is not more than 3℃)

(6) Bearings are coated with anti-rust oil before leaving the factory. If the temperature is too low or too high, the anti-rust oil will deteriorate. The room temperature should be controlled at 0-25℃.

(7) Regular inspection: according to the provisions of bearing product rust prevention, regular inspection every 10-12 months. If rust is found in oil seal packaging, oil seal packaging should be re-carried out.

2. Temperature and humidity

(1) As long as the relative humidity of the warehouse does not exceed 60% and the temperature changes little, the bearings can be well preserved in the original packaging for a long time. In clean air with relative humidity less than 50%, the bare clean surface will not rust and corrosion. As humidity increases, so does the possibility of corrosion, especially if the relative humidity of the air is greater than 75%.

(2) After long-term storage of bearings with sealing rings or dust caps, the characteristics of bearing grease may be affected.

3. Storage of large bearings

The correct storage way of large bearings can only be flat, that is, the bearing is placed in a horizontal position, and the whole side of the bearing ring should be supported. If the bearing is placed in a vertical position, the weight of the bearing ring and the rolling body may cause permanent deformation of the bearing due to the relatively small thickness of the bearing ring.

Scientific storage of bearings is very important, if improper storage leads to bearing rust or bearing corrosion, it is not good, even if there is no surface damage phenomenon, then it is possible to occur in the process of bearing operation, so we must take the storage of bearings seriously.

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